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Why has Younis Khan stepped down?

Why has Younis Khan stepped down?
Why has Younis Khan stepped down?

The Eleventh-hour show by Wasim Badami has made Younis Khan utter the clarifications on all the recent controversies blooming up. Recently, the former cricketer stepped down as the batting coach of the Pakistan Cricket Team following his feeble relations with the board, PCB.

Opening up on why he has stepped down alongside Hasan Ali’s dispute, Younis has made several remarks including the declarations upon some conflicts from the past.

Why has Younis Khan stepped down?

The former batting coach clears all the controversies:

Upon being queried upon why he has left his spot of batting coach for the team, he said the PCB did not compromise ahead of the death of one of his loved ones alongside his severe surgery scheduled a day later.

There was a camp in Lahore. The PCB did not notify me about the biosecure bubble. I informed everyone that I have surgery. However, I entered the camp. On June 3, the PCB called to announce that my flight has been booked.

On June 22, the doctor’s call came querying why I have not joined the biosecure bubble. I narrated to him I have surgery hence, I can not join the biosecure bubble.

Moreover, he continued that he got a call (not revealing the name) from the PCB. The spokesperson asked about his absenteeism to which he cleared his unavailability. The spokesperson threatened Younis by saying what happened with Mohammad Hafeez in the past can happen with him too.

Notably, during Pak vs SA home series, Hafeez was eliminated from the squad for not marking his presence in the bio-bubble before the matches began. The 40-year old returned from the UAE and was not available to enter the bubble with other mates. He informed PCB that he would be a day or two late but the policy considered him ‘unavailable for the series.

I got another call. I told him that I have surgery and I can’t join, I was shocked as the person threatened me if you don’t come then there could be a situation like Muhammad Hafeez, the caller said as it can happen with Hafeez, so it can be with you.

Younis commenced that I stopped him instantly clearing him my role. The former coach wonders if the board can do this with a renowned coach then what will be the reform with an ordinary player.

I stopped him at the moment and said I am not Hafeez but Younis Khan. If I, as a coach, will not be honored then what will be the reputation of the player in PCB’s eyes.

Moreover, he said that he did not admire the inclusion of the second person (certainly Mohammad Yousuf from NHPC) in his roles. He believes if he is the coach then no other person should interfere, that too without his knowledge.

I was the batting coach of the national team yet was kept ignorant. Upon asking Wasim Khan that when I am present, how are the outsiders giving tips?

Opening up on Hasan Ali’s controversy, he opened up that if that was the reason behind his retirement, he would have left PCB 4-5 months ago. He stated that the things were resolved.

Me and Hasan Ali had an incident. I got a message that Hasan Ali is very upset. He made me some tea and sent me to the room. I went to the dressing room myself and we met.  Everyone clapped as a gesture.

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