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Which player has most T20I runs in consecutive 11 innings?

Mohammad Rizwan has emerged as an inspiring player being sensible with the bat. Before him, team Pakistan was highly reliant upon Babar Azam’s consistency as his departure often has collapsed the team’s batting line-up in the matches.

Since Rizwan has improved his form, he has joined forces with Azam as the duo has strengthened the team’s top-order. As of now, the team begs the services of these two batters.

Discussing Rizwan, he has been astonishing the watchers with his back-to-back scores in the limited over cricket – Especially T20Is, where Rizwan has been blooming since last year. He has a pile of records registered in the format. You can see what’s up for Mohammad Rizwan in T20Is here.

Which player has the most T20I runs in the consecutive 11 innings?

Not only this but he is now the highest scorer in the T20I format if one discusses the eleven consecutive T20I innings played by every player in the world specifically yet.

Mohammad Rizwan:

He has 619 runs scored in his consecutive 11 innings that are now the most by any batsmen played in a similar tenure of the format yet. His knocks commence as 89 (59), 104* (64), 51 (41), 42 (30), 74* (50), 0 (1), 73* (47), 0 (2), 82* (61), 13 (18), 91* (60).

Image: Cricket Times

ย Babar Azam:

Babar Azam is the next in the race for having the most runs in consecutive 11 T20I innings. The era of 2018-19 has been golden for him as he was also the ranked number one T20I batsman then.

He brought up 97*, 51, 68*, 45, 50, 7, 40, 79, 38, 90, and 23 from April 2018 till February 2019. Notably, then, he became the player to have the most runs in 11 consecutive T20I innings combining 592 surpassing India’s Virat Kohli with 588 T20I runs in back-to-back 11 matches played.

As of now, he ranks second after his own mate, Rizwan is in the huge competition of run-scoring taking this milestone from him to become the top-ranked player in this regard.

Image: The Indian Express


Virat Kohli:

As discussed above, Virat is now the third-ranked player to have most T20I runs in his eleven consecutive innings. His total is 588 concluding 54, 57*, 23, 72*, 77, 66, 41, 3, 90*, 59*, and 50 from March 2014 till January 2016.

VK 1

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