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What happened between Hasan Ali and Younis Khan?

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What happened between Hasan Ali and Younis Khan?
What happened between Hasan Ali and Younis Khan?

Hasan Ali vs Younis Khan is a brand-new trending topic on the internet today. The cricketing fraternity debates the past clash that had happened between the veteran and the pace bowler. Different stories are a part of the dispute after Younis has refrained from the batting coach’s vacancy of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Today’s player in a heated argument with seniority is a bit strange to witness despite whatever the reason behind Younis’ stepping down. Recent published declare that ebbs and flows became the duo’s gear during the Pakistan tour of South Africa latterly.

What happened between Hasan Ali and Younis Khan?

After whatever has been written on different forums, it is analyzed that Younis, as a coach, talked to Hasan regarding discipline issues but the bowler did not keep his calm and fired back strongly- Hasan declared that this doesn’t lay in the coach’s domain to supplicate about discipline woes.

Notably, the ‘now refrained’ batting coach had visibly been silent after the incident. It is also reported the bowler tried to conversate but Younis did not communicate with him thoroughly during the tenure.

It is pertinent to mention here the batting saga was designated as the mentor for Pakistan Cricket Team in November 2020 and the contract had to last till the T20 World Cup 2022. Rewinding, he did not adored interference in his roles alongside wasn’t convinced with the selection ahead or upcoming tours reportedly.

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