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Top 10 Best ball per wicket ratio in PSL history

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Top 10 Best ball per wicket ratio in PSL history
Top 10 Best ball per wicket ratio in PSL history. Image: Geo TV

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) history has witnessed very ostentatious performances in its five seasons. The PSL 6 is just a few days ahead, and the world will be seeing even more outrageous deliverances.

The world knows that the PSL produces best bowlers as every foreign cricketer talks about the pace quality of Pakistan’s very own T20 league.

Let us see the top ten best ball per wicket ratio in PSL history. Islamabad United’s Faheem Ashraf tops the list with a 13.6 B/W ratio and has grabbed 46 wickets delivering 629 balls. See the detailed list:

Best Ball Per Wicket Ratio in Pakistan Super League (Min 35 Wickets)

Top 10 Best ball per wicket ratio in PSL history

1. Faheem Ashraf

The bowler is representing the #redhot army since his Day 1 in the PSL. He got noted later along with his mates, Hasan and Shadab. As of now, he is maintaining his all rounding skills to shine in the mid-overs.

Balls Bowled: 629

Wickets: 46

Balls / Wicket : 13.6

2. Wahab Riaz


The Zalmi based pacer is best known for his tricks, with which he has grabbed 76 wickets. Bowling 1217 bowls at a B/W ratio of 16.0, Wahab’s wickets celebrations have also been immense.

Balls Bowled: 1217

Wickets: 76

Balls / Wicket: 16.0

3. Hasan Ali

434072 6341209 Hasan Ali updates

It can be term as bad news for Zalmi to miss on a gem like Hasan. He has been picking four-five wickets in major matches and has retained 59 wickets on 991 balls. Having a ratio of 16.7 B/W, he will be rendering his services to Shadab’s squad.

Balls Bowled: 991

Wickets: 59

Balls / Wicket: 16.7

4. Usman Shinwari

Image: Dawn

Shinwari is undoubtedly is a notable name in the list of Pakistani fast bowlers. Despite being known for his no-balls, he has represented Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars, bowling a total of 612 balls and picking 35 wickets.

Balls Bowled: 612

Wickets: 35

Balls / Wicket : 17.4

5. Mohammad Sami

Mohammad Sami 640x360 1
Image: Saama

Mohammad Sami comes next on the list with a B/W rate of 18.1 and 42 wickets with 762 delivering.

Balls Bowled: 762

Wickets: 42

Balls / Wicket: 18.1

6. Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan has entertained the crowd with his massive 37 wickets. Earning his name from Qalandars, he has maintained a B/W ratio of 19.1

Balls Bowled: 709

Wickets: 37

Balls / Wicket: 19.1

7. Sohail Tanvir

Sohail Tanvir
Image: The National

The bowler used to had the best IPL stats. Discussing PSL, he has 48 wickets to his name as he bowled 959 balls on the pitch. He has maintained a B/W ratio of 19.9.

Balls Bowled: 959

Wickets: 48

Balls / Wicket: 19.9

8. Shahid Afridi

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Image: Geo Super

Afridi is a PSL star – not only T20 leagues, but he has collected immense love from Pakistan. People support the franchises where Afridi denotes. The leggie has grabbed 42 wickets on 88 balls at a B/W ratio of 20.9.

Balls Bowled: 880

Wickets: 42

Balls / Wicket: 20.9

9. Mohammad Amir

pic 1584377716
Image: UrduPoint

Amir from the red-blue army is next on the list as he has sent batsmen back to the pavilions 49 times on 1048 deliveries.

Balls Bowled: 1048

Wickets: 49

Balls / Wicket: 21.3

10. Muhammad Nawaz

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Image: Gulf News

Mohammad Nawaz, an underrated spinner, has picked 49 PSL wickets at a B/W ratio of 21.5.

Balls Bowled: 1054

Wickets: 49

Balls / Wicket: 21.5

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