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The detailed reason for why PSL 6 has been postponed

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The detailed reason for why PSL 6 has been postponed
The detailed reason for why PSL 6 has been postponed

The social forums are popping with the “PSL postponed” news. This is something good as well something bad as far players’ health and the hearts of the cricket lovers are concerned respectively.

Despite the COVID cases, the PCB and PSL management took an initiative to bring back entire cricket in Pakistan on a flake stage. They made it happen allowing a 20% crowd which was later increased to 50% in the stadiums.

The postponement has not conveyed a good image of Pakistan across the globe. Discussing the incidents in-line, the series started when Zalmi’s coach and skipper were allowed to enter the stadium despite breaching the bio-bubble.

The PCB had to go against its own policy as the Qalandars waited outside the National Stadium, Karachi. Don’t you think the virus could have passed onto others allowing the bio-bubble breachers in the ground without completion of three-day isolation.

The detailed reason for why PSL 6 has been postponed

Moving towards the next incident, Islamabad United revealed that one of their players have turned out positive who turned out to be Fawad later. Other than that, a pile of records got scanned creating threats for commencing with the swing.

This was heartbreaking for the fans to witness the sudden cancelation without any speculations of being called-off shortly. Dan Christian decided to go home before he suffered any problematic scenario. Other than that, the coach of Wasim Akram, being a diabetic patient, was sent home amidst having higher risks for the Coronavirus.

Repeating again, there are several prospects for the event being laid off as not only three cases can be the reason. Proving the statement, Salman Iqbal, the owner of the Kings said,

We didn’t know who was in the bubble and who was not. Also, there were people who weren’t part of the bio-bubble on the playing field”

“I went into the bio bubble after isolating, to see if my teams’ complaints about the lack of bio-secure protocols were true. There were so many lapses in the bio-bubble, one can’t even imagine”

The above-written statements clearly show that there are many factors behind the PSL being postponed. Salman claims that no bio-bubble and COVID protocols were followed. He also added that there were a few on the field following zero rules causing precautions.

Other than that, a reliable source on Twitter revealed that there were marriages organized in the hotels where players stayed.

Wasim Khan, the CEO of PCB, says that the matter will be investigated as it the ultimate loss for everyone.

“We will fully investigate it and it won’t be the PCB staff doing the investigation. We’ll discuss with the BoG [board of governors] who will carry out the inspection. We’ll instigate on what went wrong, what did we not deliver, where did we not fulfill.”

“Hopefully everyone will learn from these mistakes to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen again,” he said. “As a nation we remain resilient, as PCB we remain resilient with support of franchises to complete the remaining games before the end of year.”

As per the opinion, there are still a lot of speculations and multiple sources to be blamed.

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