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Shoaib Malik lashes out at PCB, here is why

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Shoaib Malik lashes out at PCB
Shoaib Malik lashes out at PCB. Image: The Indian Express

Shoaib Malik, the veteran Pakistani cricketer, lashes out at the selection policy of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that prefers choosing their likeness over the skills. He believes that Pakistan cricket could be improved once the talent is preferred over liking and disliking.

He says that although favoritism exists globally it has crossed limits in the cricket-loving nation due to which many talented players are wasted with no proper opportunities.

Shoaib Malik lashes out at PCB

“We have a system of liking and disliking in our cricket, which is something that is present in the rest of the world as well but seems to be a bit more in our culture. Things will improve only when importance is given to skills,”

Using the latest example when Babar Azam’s statement went viral regarding his powerlessness in the selection of players, Malik added that even the captain does not have the right to choose players of his will as he is the one to handle the situation on the ground.

“In the recent squad there were many players who Babar [Azam] wanted to pick, but they weren’t selected. Everyone has their opinions but the final decision on selection should be that of the captain because it’s he who will fight it out on the ground with his team,”

He further added that he might not be selected for the team but at least he would not have regrets later as he spoke up in the favor of fellow players. Notably, Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir also have come up with their remarks over the PCB’s selection policy based on ‘favoritism’. A few players also have either chosen or have already quit the country to recommence cricket with constant chances.

“I will have no regrets if I am not asked to play again, but I would have felt more regret if I had not spoken up on behalf of my fellow cricketers,”

Notably, Malik has not been a part of the team for more than a year. Despite being the only excellent mid-order batsman who has often won the matches for the country, he awaits a call-up from the PCB like several other players.

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