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Reasons why IPL 2021 should be canceled

Reasons why IPL 2021 should be canceled
Reasons why IPL 2021 should be canceled

Money speaks! Hence, it has become the biggest factor not letting the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) shut down the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020). On one side, where the subcontinent beholds over a million COVID positive citizens within a month, the Indian cricketing board is not ready yet to take the giving up measures.

If canceled, the BCCI might lose over 3,869.5 Crore (INR) hence, there is no room for calling off the world’s cash-richest league. Undoubtedly, the league is the world’s famous, and no other cricketing tournament has reached its level yet.

What makes it more shocking is that the players from across the world are ready to voyage India despite the severe health scenarios in the country. A few believe that it is a source of entertainment on one side as people are depressed about losing their loved ones.

Especially discussing Australians, who have been really closed to Indians and their league since the inaugural edition, are the crucial part of their respective franchises this season as well. But there is a biggest havoc for them!

That is, the Australian Prime Minister has imposed a ban on Indian flights flying to Australia taking no risk measures as India suffers badly. Following justification for all, the policy does not even allow the Aussie cricketers in India to fly back to their homes.

The PM says that whoever will breach the policy, might be jailed for 5 years with heavy fines of over 3 lac Australian dollars. Equality for all, hence, the cricketers are under the hot water.

Consequently, one of the broadcasters, Michael Slater has slammed the Australian government badly saying ‘blood on your hands’ adding that it is a disgrace to the reputed cricketers not being able to return to the backyard.

Reasons why IPL 2021 should be canceled

Discussing the resumption of IPL, the event is being organized at as many as six venues despite the millions of active cases in the country. No travel restrictions but yet carelessness has directed COVID inside the IPL camp as KKR vs RCB, scheduled on Monday evening, has been called off before it took place.

The two KKR players, Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier have been tested positive. It is advised to KKR to quarantine themselves and as per the serious medical advising panels, the teams that have faced KKR in the near past, are also asked to quarantine themselves.

Over the last two weeks, the KKR have played against the Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, and Punjab Kings.

Not only this but multiple members from different franchises are being tested COVID positive on and off. However, despite examining and being well-known with the situation, the BCCI has said that there will be no further rescheduling or cancelation of the games.

As the situation is extremely alarming, Cancel IPL is now the new trend on Twitter as people ask BCCI and Indian interim to show some mercy towards the citizens rather than continuing with their sources of entertainment at this point in time.

Notably, there are no stances by the officials that show that the IPL 2021 will be called off shortly in the near future. Many officials believe that the social forum of the well-known cricketers should be used to raise awareness and to demand IPL cancellation rather than promoting it.

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