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PSL 6 might delay further, here is why

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PSL 6 might delay further, here is why
PSL 6 might delay further, here is why. Image: ARY

‘Schedule’s announcement is associated with Indian broadcasters’ clearance’. This statement came from one of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) officials in light of the unavailable Indian broadcasters who have been sent back by the board from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Notably, the three batches of the off-border broadcasters were systematized to broadcast the Pakistan Super League (PSL 6). Out of these three, one has been flung back from the border whereas the remaining two have been propelled back from Abu Dhabi.

The acumen for sending the Indian broadcasters back to Dubai is their embroilment in breaching the Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs). As of now, the PCB is dealing with the matter and if remains unsolved, the event might be further delayed.

PSL 6 might delay further, here is why

Notably, this will be not the first delay PSL 6 will be facing as it had rivaled multiple cancelations. At first, it had to be indefinitely called off after winding up fourteen matches amidst the COVID-19 surge in the country. Later, it was rescheduled to begin from 1st June in Karachi, National Stadium but the denial from franchises’ stakeholders forced the PCB to move it out of Pakistan.

Consequently, the board found no venue but the UAE preferable from where it got access to the only stadium, Sheikh Zayed, Abu Dhabi. The revised schedule is yet to be announced as the board awaits undone preparations to coil soon. The league is tentatively to kick off by 9th or 10th June. If the PCB struggles to find another broadcasting team, the event might encounter hurdles in recommencing.

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