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PCB announces good news for domestic players

PCB announces good news for domestic players
PCB announces good news for domestic players

Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, since he has taken over the vacancy, is announcing back-to-back good news for Pakistan Domestic Cricket. After the recent developments he had unveiled in his first-ever conference as a chairman, he has now announced an increase in the retainers of domestic contracts by PKR100,000 across all five categories.

Now, the board has confirmed that the list of 191 players will be offered the heightened packages for the 157-match six senior men’s events from 15 September to 30 March.

According to Monday’s announcement, 10 players in the A+ category will now sustain a monthly payment of PKR250,000 each, accompanied by PKR185,000 each for the 40 cricketers in Category A, PKR175,000 each for 40 contestants in Category B, PKR165,000 each for the 64 players in Category C and PKR140,000 each for the 37 players in category D.

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The retainers are in enhancement to the match fees, daily allowances, share in prize money, PCB-arranged lodging, boarding, and traveling – these are the factors that the domestic cricketers will receive during the six-and-a-half months of cricket.

As such, a Category A+ player, starring in all matches, can earn up to PKR5 Million, whereas, a Category D player, who shows fitness and form throughout the season, can gain up to PKR3.75 Million yearly. This is a significant raise if we compare the pay structure for the last few years of domestic cricket contracts.

It reflects the value the board has chosen to put into its domestic events as it aims to attract, incentivize, challenge, and provide opportunities to talented youngsters so that top-notch cricketers can graduate to the next level and encourage the men’s national cricket team.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja:

“It is extremely important that our domestic cricketers are paid well-enough so they continue to focus on upgrading their skills and fitness levels without worrying about how they have to take care of their families, loved ones, and careers.

“It is the duty of the Pakistan Cricket Board to look after the cricketers in the country and I am very happy to announce this move. The significant increase in salaries, which I am hopeful will improve further in future, strengthens our current domestic system and removes ambiguities surrounding the welfare and sound earning opportunities for our cricketers who can adopt first-class cricket as a career.”

Amongst the 191 cricketers who have been offered domestic contracts for 2021-22 include 20 cricketers from the recently-organized CCA two-day tournaments. Out of these 20 cricketers, 11 are from far-flung areas of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as the PCB remains committed to not only tapping talent from these areas but also involving them in the national framework.

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