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PCB adheres record applications for club registrations

PCB adheres record applications for club registrations
PCB adheres record applications for club registrations

Welcoming club cricket in Pakistan in a full-fledge, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) registers a record for a pile of applications coming on the way for Club Cricket.

Comparing the stats of the last two years, around 3,115 applications were received by the national board. As of now, there has been a rise by 22% as the PCB counts over 3,800 appeals for club cricket.

Notably, the statical data rose is denoted despite the rising COVID cases in the country. The PCB has been at an immense success in adhering the domestic cricket and successfully holding hundreds of matches within the country.

PCB adheres record applications for club registrations

The press release of the board says that,

Before the new constitution came into effect in August 2019, 3,115 clubs were registered with the board. However, following the amendments to the model constitutions as well as the introduction of club affiliation and operational rules, the PCB has received 3,807 applications, which reflects an increase by 22 per cent.

The registration process initiated on 10th March and the board counted as many as 1.362 applications till 12th March. As 17 days proceeded ahead, 2,445 more registrations by the clubs were astounded.

The most number of registrations were received from the KPK region whereas, BLU, CP, NOR, SK, and SOP lay next to in the race respectively.

The applicants will be getting a green signal once all the processes and scrutinies are finalized. As per Lahore High Court Multan’s bench, the panel has directed PCB not to finalize the process till evaluating the remaining cases.

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