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Mohammad Amir retires to terminate “yes boss” culture in PCB

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Mohammad Amir retires to terminate "yes boss" culture in PCB
Mohammad Amir retires to terminate “yes boss” culture in PCB

Mohammad Amir sudden retirement from international cricket has shockingly hit the paddles as the news is still in discussion across the cricket-loving nations. The topic has been frenzied since his controversial statements for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) came out.

Recently, he posted the actual and detailed reason for taking international retirement. Amir believes that the national board wants everyone to follow their bossy structure which he could not cope.

After he was involved in the fixing scandal with two other players who were rehabilitated and respected later, but Amir believes that he has been suppressed being called fixer again n again even after he pardoned.

The paceman has picked some crucial wickets and proved his worth several times for match-winning for the sake of his beloved country. Taunting PCB, he says when one picks wickets in the worldwide leagues, he does it to prove his worth and comeback internationally for his national team.

Giving an example of Haris Rauf, a BBL star, Ami elaborated PCB gave him a chance on behalf of the Australian league’s performance but his performances for Galle Gladiators have gone vacant despite ending as a runner-up as the management did not include him in the Pak vs NZ squad.

Mohammad Amir retires to terminate “yes boss” culture in PCB

“I have reservations with the current team’s management that want to pressurize players. This ‘yes boss, yes boss’ (culture) cannot be allowed to go on,” he said.

“Give respect, take respect. In today’s world, everyone wants to be treated with respect. This boss culture has to end from cricket,” Amir added.

“The current team management is putting people under the impression that I quit Test cricket because I wanted to play for different leagues and not the country,” Amir said.

“How did Haris Rauf get into the national team? He performed in The Big Bash League against the top players of the team and hence was selected for the national team,” Amir said.

He concluded by saying that hit was hard to take this decision as it would really be challenging for a sports enthusiast refraining from his favorite game. However, he has been criticized and termed as ‘mentally poor’ for not bearing harassment, hostile environment, and threats as such scenarios are part of every players’ lives.

“Cricket means everything to me so leaving it was a very difficult decision,” Amir concluded.


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