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Misbah induces a condition to Amir for selection

Misbah induces a condition to Amir for selection
Misbah induces a condition to Amir for selection.

Mohammad Amir and his controversies have ignited up discussions to glare up on social forums for over a year. His indefinite retirement from Pakistan cricket under the current Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) management, comprising Misbah ul Haq and Waqar Younis, flared up anti-PCB debates shocking the fraternity.

The twist enters the story after following a pile of statements from either end to prove their point when the pacemen took his retirement back unexpectedly. Recently, he conveyed his availability for the national squad, being inspired by CEO’s visit to his realm that happened for the first time in Pakistan Cricket. Being inspired by Wasim Khan’s act, the player took his decision back and showed his full-time availability for the team.

He added that Pakistan always comes first. Earlier, the bowler uttered that he is mentally tortured by the PCB management that makes things unbearable for him to cope with along with related factors. Diminishing the politics inside, coach Misbah ul Haq has opened up on the scenario with his return. He says the pacer is always welcomed in case he is fit to play.

Misbah induces a condition to Amir for selection

In a post-conference of West Indies and England tours, the head coach added that the bowler was dropped amidst his list of injuries and infirm fitness follow-up examination. He cleared that was nothing like a quarrel between two. Presenting a scenario over which the bowler could have a chance, he continued that the doors of PCB are opened for him like every player who focuses on their fitness and well-being.

“As I have said before, Amir was dropped because of injuries and performance and later he announced retirement. If he takes his retirement back and performs well, the door is open for him to make comeback like every other player. I have no personal issue with him, which I have stated before as well,”

The head coach also contradicted his acknowledgment behind the bowler’s ways of reacting and taking a sudden retirement. Highlighting Amir’s unavailability last year versus England, the head coach clarified that he had some personal reasons to pull out but was straightway added to the team after that.

“He made a comeback when I was captain and later as a coach. Last year, he wasn’t able to travel with us to England due to some family issues but as soon as they were resolved we straightaway included him in the squad. I don’t know why this issue has been created and why Amir thinks like that. If he stays, performs well and the team needs him, he will be considered for selection. Whatever happened in the past, I don’t think about it.”

He also hinted that the squads ahead of West Indies and England tours could be revised after logistical permissions. Notably, the men in green will be heading to encounter England for a three-match ODI series and as many T20Is and later will face West Indies in a five-match T20I series followed by two red-ball games.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to select the squad [before PSL 6] for England and West Indies tour so early due to logistics issues caused by the pandemic. Ideally, we wanted to consider the in-form players for selection and, if logistics allow us, we will make changes to the squad whenever needed,”

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