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Mirpur Royals’ owner compares Salman Irshad to Malinga

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Mirpur Royals' owner compares Salman Irshad to Malinga

From being imperiled to being a flourishing brand with millions of aficionados across, the Kashmir Premier League (KPL 2021) has successfully lapped up its primary version at the Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium latterly.

Kashmir, being a disputed territory, has always been crumpled under congressional feet in each slant. Hence, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) came up with an appreciative ambition to kick start sport and promoting the realm’s talent.

It is the initiative that has been apprehended to render a quality terrace to the young cricket talent of AJK showcasing their abilities to the globe.

Entangling Pakistani international players in KPL assists in dignifying community spirit among the people and the league augmenting the limelight, advancing tourism.

PCB principally focused to dig out the Kashmiri talent and rendering them a stage to demonstrate their skills under the political confinements.

It is sort of elevating Kashmir through sports and giving youth a chance to showcases themselves across the globe, cricket fraternity.

The franchises stakeholders, owners are glad to embrace KPL 2021 with an immense success being in its first year.

Suleman Raza, the owner of Mirpur Royals, once of the KPL franchises, is jovial over huge progress and wishes to see KPL even thriving in the coming years.

Suleman, in an interview with Cricketholic, revealed and stated on different agendas.

On-screening the best bowler of the tournament he has judged, he believes “Salman Irshad is more like Sri Lanka’s Malinga when it comes to delivering with the swing.” Notably, Irshad is the top wicket-taker of the extravaganza.

Mirpur Royals’ owner compares Salman Irshad to Malinga

Like all, opening up on the threats conveyed by the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI), Raza says that KPL 2021 has reached climax despite all those menaces. He states, “sports should be kept away from politics.”

Suleman says, “KPL 2021 went through different huge blows as cross-border arch-rivals plucked foreigners out of the league. Despite all these, there were no interruptions favorably.”

Suleman felt, “a few KPL matches equally top-notched as the Pakistan Super League (PSL).”

“Kashmir Premier League has done wonders,” he added.

However, he says, “there is no conflict between the two leagues, and both; PSL, KPL have their own classes.

He urged that both are Pakistani leagues hence, there is nothing like competition.” Suleman is an optimist to see PCB pondering over KPL in the coming years too.

Being a British-Pakistani entrepreneur, he was questioned why he fancied buying Mirpur Royals.

Suleman unveiled that he mainly belongs to Mirpur and,

as UK-Pakistan entrepreneurship springs with time, most of the UK businesspeople belong to Mirpur. Seeing more Kashmiris, Pakistanis from Mirpur background enforced him to go after the Mirpur Royals.”

Notably, Suleman Raza has launched the One Million Meals campaign amidst the COVID pandemic to feed fresh meals to the National Health Service (NHS).

He has been at the vanguard of serving special Pakistani cookery in the UK through his four restaurants and chains that resulted in winning public appreciation.

He is also the founder of the Pakistani Restaurant Group Spice Village. These are not only his achievements but he also has given an upper hand in other hospitality-related projects.

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