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KPL: Bagh Stallions kick off their journey for the league

KPL: Bagh Stallions kick off their journey for the league
KPL: Bagh Stallions kick off their journey for the league. Image: KPL

Bagh Stallions, the sixth franchise of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL), has started its sports journey by signing a mutual memorandum with the new franchise proprietors.

The ceremony was held between CEO KPL Mr. Chaudhry Shehzad Akhtar, the partner Owner Mr. Chaudhry Hameed, and the owner Mr. Tauqeer Sultan Awan at Bagh Stallions Islamabad Office on Thursday, April 5.

Mr. Taimur Khan, Director Cricket Operations, KPL, also graced the occasion with his appearance.

Statements of the stakeholders:

Addressing the function, Hameed said,

“People, either belonging from Kashmir or Pakistan, Kashmir has a special place in the hearts of all Pakistanis and Kashmiris. I am very grateful to be part of this historic step in building and developing the region and supporting cricket.”

Awan also pointed out that Bagh and KPL reflect the promotion of sports culture and promise holistic social development in Bagh and Kashmir.
Akhtar added,

“It is our pride to have with us progressive thinkers who have taken up the task of creating a momentum of hope and prosperity in Kashmir through sports. I welcome them with open arms.”

Taimur included,

“It is in the best interest of both cricket and the region as a whole to have such a house,”

KPL’s Director of Cricket Operations, who was unable to participate, sent his full support and best wishes via video message.

Notably, Hameed is a businessman who was born in Mirpur. His business ties are found in the Kashmiri and Pakistani communities from the UK to across the globe.
On the other hand, Awan is an established businessman who has led pioneering businesses within Pakistan over the past few decades, including private airlines.

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