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ICC World T20 2021 Winning Prize Announced | Whopping Amount

ICC World T20 2021 Winning Prize Announced

The International Cricket Council has announced winning prize of the ICC World T20 2021. The ICC World T20 2021 kicks off from 17th October with the qualifying round first and the main stage kicks off from 23rd October. ICC announced 1.6 Million Dollars for the winners of the Mega Event. Meanwhile the Runners Up will get 0.8 Million Dollars.

Not only the winners and runners up will be benefitted, but the Semi finalists will also get 0.4 Million Dollars. Overall 5.6 Million Dollars are allocated for the 16 teams participating in the event. The teams getting knocked out in the Super 12 stage will get 70,000 dollars each. A bonus amount will also be given by ICC to all the winning teams during the Super 12 stage of the event.

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Following are the details of the teams participating in the event:

Round 1: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Netherlands, Ireland, Oman, Papua New Guinea and Scotland. 4 teams out of these 8 will qualify for the Super 12 round.

8 Pre Qualified Teams for Super 12 Round:
Pakistan, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Afghanistan, England, West Indies and Australia.

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