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History of India vs Pakistan, what will happen in the next match?

History of India vs Pakistan, what will happen in the next match?
History of India vs Pakistan, what will happen in the next match? Image: Outlook India

There are many speculations regarding IND vs PAK later this year revolving around the social forum. But there is no official revelation yet. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) says, ‘be prepared, the reliable Indian forums continue to post the report suggested by trusted sources.

The ‘authentic’ news became the source of joyfulness on listening as the digital forums are still hinting at the news’s probability. Mixed opinions are coming in the way. It is suggested that somewhere in 2021, a three-day T20I series will be announced in a window of a six-day span. What brings a twist to the story is the Tweet of the well-known Indian journalist. He says that if one becomes realistic, there are no probabilities of the Ind vs Pak bilateral series.


The relations between India and Pakistan have been the major obstacle as there has been no bilateral series since 2011. The obsolete relations and sense of hatred de-allows the two cricketing-loving nations to come face to face.

India denied visiting Pakistan for Asia Cup but Pakistan will have to visit India for T20 WC. Do you think it hurts the Indo-Pak relations?

There are no clear stances if Ind vs Pak matches will occur as the ICC Future Tour Programs (FTP) 2021-2023 includes no such contest. We can consider the example of denial from here that the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) desired to change the Asia Cup 2020 venue from Pakistan to India as the event was to take place in August.

Due to Indo-Pak’s subtle relations, the linked authorities swiped the venue to Sri Lanka from Pakistan. As the event got canceled, it is now due to take place in June 2021, with its future still in jeopardy amidst ICC World Test Championship’s final.

‘No Problems for Pakistan’ in the T20I World Cup in India:

As India is the probable host for the ICC T20 World Cup, Pakistan did not create a mess but rather demanded a visa assured. Consequently, the BCCI has assured ‘no problems’ for Pakistanis.

When did Ind vs Pak lastly faced each other?

Now, if we see the data from the past,  Pakistan and India lastly faced each other in 2012 when Pakistan beat India by 2-1 in an ODI series whereas the T20I series was tied.

Ind vs Pak’s head to head:

On the other hand, seeing the head to head of Pak vs Ind,


Total Matches: 59

Won by Pak: 12

Won by Ind: 9

Drawn: 38


Total Matches: 132

Won by Pak: 73

Won by Ind: 55

No Result: 4


Total Matches: 8

Won by Pak: 1

Won by Ind: 7

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