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COVID not to threaten PSL schedule at any cost

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COVID not to threaten PSL schedule at any cost
COVID not to threaten PSL schedule at any cost, Sami ul Hasan Burney. Image: PCB

Sami Ul Hasan Burney, PCB director of media and communication, held a press conference in order to highlight the COVID interruptions during the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

The director added that the PSL will commence in the full-fledge despite Fawad Ahmed from Islamabad United being tested positive. Notably, the Sherus will be retested before being part of the United’s once again.

Islamabad and Quetta were scheduled to play the twelfth match of HBL PSL 6. After Fawad came as COVID negative, the match was rescheduled to 2nd March, 7:00 PM.

Last year, when COVID struck in the country, the playoffs and the final of PSL 2020 were called off temporarily and took place by the year’s end.

However, the PCB is trying its best not to call off the event at any cost. Other than that, it was announced that 20% of the crowd will be witnessing live matches. As per the latest PSL news, 50% of the watchers will be entertained despite the virus fears.

COVID not to threaten PSL schedule at any cost

Opening on the scenario, Sami ul Hasan Burney said that,

“Tonight’s fixture between Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators will go ahead as scheduled,”

He also discussed that how many tests have been conducted in detail.

“We conducted 244 PCR tests, in addition to the rapid tests conducted. Of the 244 tests, three have come back positive. Two foreign players and one support staff have tested positive.”

“At the moment, more than 300 people are in the bubble. These include players, officials, support staff, franchise owners, and security officials. We have not told players to go into quarantine or self-isolation,”

“You know that life inside the bubble is quite difficult. So is its management and as you said, it happens in sports events across the world be it the Formula 1 or the NFL,”

“You know that when the ball is thrown into the stands and the fans grab it, the umpire wipes the germs from it [before handing it back to the players]. They have wipes and everything.

“These people have to isolate themselves for three days and that too, after two negatives (PCR tests),”

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