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Comeback of Rizwan is a Miracle | Indian Doctor Speaks About Rizwan’s Condition

Comeback of Rizwan is a Miracle | Indian Doctor Speaks About Rizwan’s Condition:

Just few hours after Pakistan was eliminated from the ICC World T20 2021 in the Semi Final, the news broke out that Mohammad Rizwan was in ICU a couple of days earlier before the semi final. It was learnt that Rizwan had a chest infection and he was even in doubt to play for the semi final. Doctor Sainulabideen, who is Indian in origin spoke on Rizwan’s condition. Dr. Sainulabideen treated Rizwan in the UAE.

“Rizwan was adamant about playing for his country in the key knockout match. He was a strong, resolute, and self-assured individual. Dr. Saheer Sainalabdeen, a specialist pulmonologist at Medeor Hospital in Dubai, who treated the cricketer, stated, “I am shocked with the pace he healed.”

Rizwan arrived to the hospital’s emergency department at 12.30 a.m. on November 9 with significant retrosternal chest discomfort that mimicked cardiac pain and breathing difficulties. He’d been sick for three to five days with an intermittent fever, a persistent cough, and chest discomfort.

To relieve his agony, the medical team stabilised him and prescribed symptomatic drugs. Dr. Sainulabideen further said that Rizwan was very focused and had faith in his God. The doctor believed that Rizwan has recovered a faster pace.

“We’ve seen players suffer injuries during sporting events.” However, this is the first time a player has healed so swiftly from such a severe infection. We were all ecstatic when Rizwan smacked the massive sixes. After his sickness, he has regained incredible strength. His dedication, perseverance, and courage are absolutely praiseworthy.”, Stated Dr. Sainaulabideen.

Mohammad Rizwan rewarded the doctor with a signed jersey of himself too. Rizwan scored 67(52) in the semi final against quality Australian bowling attack. He was the top scorer of the entire game but unfortunately ended up on the losing side.

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