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Cheers! The ice between Amir and PCB finally melts

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Cheers! The ice between Amir and PCB finally melts
Cheers! The ice between Amir and PCB finally melts

‘The ice from the two ends is melting’ – This statement from Pakistan’s fast-bowler, Mohammad Amir, has come in the limelight of his controversies with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The bowler retired shortly from Pakistan Cricket, refusing to play under the current board’s holders, Waqar Younis and Misbah ul Haq.

He uttered that he was mentally tortured and found things unbearable making him unplayable under the coaching duo. Since last year, his statements against the PCB were getting an eye, but the matter seems to be resolving now.

Reportedly, Wasim Khan, the CEO of the PCB, visited Amir’s residence before the second leg of the Pakistan Super League (PSL 6). For the first time in Pakistan Cricket history, this has happened that the chief executive of the board voyages player’s personal houses to tackle the existing problems out. The bowler is finally pleased with the act as he has remade his mind to rejoin the national team.

Cheers! The ice between Amir and PCB finally melts.

The cricketing fraternity was shocked after Amir announced his retirement last year from cricket. However, it is a bit more shocking to see his arrogance breaking down and agreeing upon serving his homeland once again. Wasim has promised to adjust the things between the coaching panel and the bowler to run the relations and cricket without adversity smoothly.

Wasim uttered,

“I also made it clear to him that the path he adopted was not right as a senior player. I think Amir is a valuable player for us even now and we will now make efforts to bring about a rapprochement between him and the coaches,”

The surprising tweet composing this sudden news from Shoaib Jatt was enough to pave the blaze in the realm.

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