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Chacha Cricket reveals his favorite KPL team

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Chacha Cricket reveals his favorite KPL team

Chaudhry Abdul Jalil, famously known as Chacha Cricket, is a renowned Pakistan Cricket mascot. Being a resident and part of Abu Dhabi’s forestry depart, he started attending men in green’s matches happening at the UAE’s venues.

With his presence and special dress in every match, he became recognizable and later on was hired by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as a sponsor traveling across the globe bolstering Pakistan Cricket.

Chacha has easily been perceptible in each game due to his white beard, green kurta, and white cap symbolizing the Pakistani flag’s crescent moon and star. Chacha Cricket initiates numerous crowd chants for the nation during the game.

Chacha Cricket reveals his favorite KPL team

Currently, he is in Azad and Jammu Kashmir, Muzaffarabad to cheer for the home team, Muzaffarabad Tigers in the inaugural release of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL 2021).

Being in an interview with Cricketholic, he revealed that he went to Muzaffarabad for tourism but then went onto support the league for Kashmir solidarity.

His ideal side is already in the playoffs but succumbed to a crucial match despite scoring big today versus the Royals. However, he says, all teams are ours, and whoever triumphs, does not matter.

He says that he has been attending hundreds of cricket matches but KPL feels different.ย Moreover, he anticipates AJK cricket players to feature in Pakistan National Team.

It is pertinent to mention that the Qualifier and Eliminator 1 of the contest are to be rivaled on 14th August whereas, Eliminator 2 and final are programmed for 16th and 17th August respectively.

Here are a few of the images of Chacha Cricket from the Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium

Image rights: Cricketholic

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