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Bavuma wants something more than being called ‘South Africa’s first black captain’

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Bavuma wants something more than being called 'South Africa's first black captain'
Bavuma wants something more than being called ‘South Africa’s first black captain’. Image: ESPN

Temba Bavuma has been called “South Africa’s first black captain” for the limited-overs format. However, Bavuma isn’t wishing only for being known as “South Africa’s first black captain”.

Although he appreciates the importance of declaring the status amidst the ‘history’ and ‘political situation’ of the country. He wishes to be known as the ‘captain’ who standby by South Africa Cricket Team to conquer the grounds.

It is to be noted that Bavuma will be leading the team until the two next editions of the T20 World Cup scheduled for 2021 and 2022. His responsibility would be winded up leading 50-overs ICC World Cup in 2023.

Along with him, the magnificent batter, Dean Elgar has been named captain for the red-ball format until the next cycle of the World Test Championship.

Bavuma wants something more than being called ‘South Africa’s first black captain’

“I understand the deeply rooted significance of it all. In being the first black African (cricket) captain in our country – you don’t have to look too far in our history and our political situation in our country – so I can completely understand why people in our country would celebrate it for what it is.

“I’d be lying if I said it does not make me think of where everything started for me, and how I’ve been able to go through a journey and get to this point. But combined with being known as the first black African captain, I’d also like to be known as someone who led the team very well and created a legacy for himself.”

According to Temba Bavuma, the announcement came as a surprise to him. He added many people will not be turning down an opportunity of becoming the captain.

“I was offered the position as captain and it came to me as a surprise, but it was a no-brainer,” he said. “I don’t think a lot of people would turn down this type of honour and privilege.

The player is however anxious about undertaking the huge responsibility on his shoulders. He believes that everyone has entrusted him with the decision that has given him a sack of confidence.,

“Obviously there’s anxiety about not knowing what to expect but a lot of comfort comes from the fact that I know my players and the people who have entrusted me with the decision, I draw a lot of confidence from that because those are people of stature.”

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