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KPL 2021 Bagh Stallions vs Mirpur Royals Match Report

KPL 2021 Bagh Stallions vs Mirpur Royals Match Report
KPL 2021 Bagh Stallions vs Mirpur Royals Match Report

The inaugural release of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL 2021) is underway in a full swing as the fans embrace the contest with their hearts. Being down and dusted with four matches yet, the watchers have witnessed numerous cherishing moments and performances.

As the fourth game took place between Mirpur Royals and the Bagh Stallions, Shan Masood men once again did not fail to grasp from where they kicked off. Royals, led by Shoaib Malik, again got subjected to a defeat.

Notably, the two teams, the Royals and Stallions stood in their game of the extravaganza as they faced Rawalakot Hawks and Kotli Lions respectively.

KPL 2021 Bagh Stallions vs Mirpur Royals Match Report

Stallions, carefully analyzing the pitch, opted to bat first after winning the toss. It seemed like Masood interpreted the score ie going to be big and easy to chase versus the Royals who already were coming with a dull dash following defeat in their opening match.

As mentioned, Masood and co were hovering on confidence as they continued the winning streak, they are now the table toppers on the KPL 2021 points table.

Stallions or Royals? Whose batsmen looked better?

The batters rocked shattering Royals’ hope to get back in the game as their bowlers were blown down with Masood and co’s exclusive shots.Β The captain himself played a crucial part scoring 78 runs off 45 balls. His inning included 15 fours but no fours.

Zeeshan Malik, the opener, however, could not render what was expected from him but Asad Shafiq and Rohail Nazir settled the mid-order with 55 and 36 runs on 23 and 28 balls sequentially. Aamer Yamin played his part as an all-rounder adding 30 runs of half the balls.

The team settled for 211 runs losing 6 wickets putting up a target of 212 runs in 120 balls for the Royals to victor for. It probably was not easy but it cannot be said that Malik and co gave up. The crew fought back till the end but they fell short for 15 runs sparing 2 wickets.

The Royal batters once again failed to showcased teamwork as they put up a one-man effort in their opening game. This time, Malik failed with the bat but Sharjeel Khan and Mohammad Akhlaq contributed with 57 and 68 runs on 34 and 39 balls respectively.

Which team produced the perilous spells?

Definitely, it was Stallions’ day, hence, the bowlers took an edge too. Mohammad Ilyas, however, remained the most expensive bowler conceding 66 runs in 4 overs and one wicket but Aamer Yamin, Mohammad Imran, Umaid Asif, and Amir Sohail compensated with their magical spells.

Here are the bowling spells by Stallions’ bowlers:

Aamer Yamin: 4-0-19-1

Mohammad Imran: 4-0-33-2

Umaid Asif: 4-0-35-2

Amir Sohail: 1-0-12-2

Iftikhar Ahmed: 3-0-31-0

Mohammad Ilyas: 4-0-66-1

Here are the bowling spells by Royals’ bowlers:

Spells from the Royals’ bowlers appeared quite expensive as they sustained higher economies than the Stallions. Also, picking 6 wickets and yielding 211 runs comfortably indicates they apparently lacked somewhere in their deliveries variation.

Mohammad Irfan Snr: 4-0-26-1

Shadab Majeed: 4-0-58-1

Abrar Ahmed: 4-0-33-0

Amad Butt: 4-0-43-1

Salman Irshad: 4-0-47-3


Muzaffarabad pitch reads, better the struggle, better the result, hence, it was Stallions day in both departs. If the Royals could have befriended a score of somewhat below 180, it would have been an easy chase later on.

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