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Babar Azam lashes out for his captaincy rights

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Babar Azam lashes out for his captaincy rights
Babar Azam lashes out for his captaincy rights. Image: PCB

As the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) uttered out the squads for the Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa, team’s captain Babar Azam has made bold claims saying he was given no right to present his opinion while choosing the players.

According to an extremely reliable source, Babar has said that he is disappointed with the selection that has come out on behalf of four-five PSL matches.

As the T20 World Cup is coming nearer, the captain believes that players should be tried consistently rather than dropping them from the squad after two-three matches.

He says that there should be a combo of juniors and seniors in the team rather than an entire inexperienced squad. Babar Azam is of the view that there should be proper chances for the players and their performance should be judges before eliminating them without a single trial game.

He added that PCB should learn from the past mistakes that cost selecting Naseem Shah in the same scenario. A player is initially productive does not mean he will be showing consistency forever,

He is against the six selections made and wanted Haris Sohail to be in the ODI squad. Other than that, he desires for spinner Yasir Shah in the test squad rather than a few of the players who have been involved.

Babar Azam lashes out for his captaincy rights

The relationship between Babar and PCB does not look stable enough as he demands a justified captaincy role rather than having no opinion or right to choose players of his will. He believes that he should be given authority in such a critical decision-making system.

Babar Azam is unhappy with the choice of 6 players who have been selected in the Zimbabwe and South Africa squads and is concerned that players are being picked for the Test squad based on performances in the PSL

Babar Azam has communicated to PCB that he is in favor of some experimentation but not at such a late stage when it comes to the T20I squad given that it’s a T20 World Cup year

Babar Azam was in favor of Yasir Shah’s selection in the Test squad for the Zimbabwe series but he was ignored by the selectors

Babar Azam wants a mixture of youth and experience in the Pakistan squads but he feels that lessons need to be learned from the earlier selection of Naseem Shah

Babar Azam wanted players to get a proper and consistent chance rather than getting called up, not being given a chance, and then dropped without any reason. The examples being Aamer Yamin and Kamran Ghulam

Babar Azam was in favor of Haris Sohail being picked in the ODI squad for the series against South Africa, but once again this suggestion was ignored by the selectors

Babar Azam has communicated to the PCB that he doesn’t want to be a dummy captain whose opinions are just ignored again and again. If he is to have the responsibility of being captain then his suggestions and opinions need to be considered

Babar Azam was allegedly told by Mohammad Wasim that the selection of the squads wasn’t his concern. Babar told him that it was his concern as he is the captain and is held accountable if the team doesn’t perform

Relations between the selectors & Babar Azam are at a low point. Babar Azam is disappointed with the selection process and his treatment by the selectors and has taken the matter to Wasim Khan who is looking into the situation with a view to sorting out the differences

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