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Babar Azam answers to Shoaib Malik’s heavy criticism on selection

Babar Azam answers to Shoaib Malik's heavy criticism on selection
Babar Azam answers to Shoaib Malik’s heavy criticism on selection

In recent times, Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik was noted criticizing the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) following poor selection criteria. Malik added that the PCB should be handed over to the international coach who understands cricket better and can take better decisions.

Proceeding with another Tweet, he wrote that Pakistan cricket is in surviving mode, hence, the management’s likeness and dislike ness while selecting the player should not be a part of the selection committee. Notably, Malik has not been a participant in the last many series.

Babar Azam answers to Shoaib Malik’s heavy criticism on selection

Tonight, when Pakistan’s recently chosen skipper, Babar Azam was in an official press conference arranged by the board virtually, he was as usual asked to make comments on the criticism over selection’s criteria.

Babar replied that such things should be discarded and should not be kept asking in every meeting. He added that he is happy with the current management.

As Malik added that the captain has no say in such scenarios, Babar added that he chooses the playing XI after the management decided the squad for different series.

This debate should end now. The same thing is repeated in every press conference that I donโ€™t have any control over the selection,

You can see on the field that I handle everything. I decide the playing XI. Management gives their input. I know my responsibilities as a captain,

I donโ€™t have any problem with the coach. This is the domain of PCB. Team management is fully supporting every player, so I am happy.

Here is Malik’s tweet:

I am not selfish, claims Babar Azam

Other than this, as the skipper is reportedly termed ‘selfish’ by the keyboard warriors and on-screen bodies, he replied saying that once cannot term it as selfishness as he nurtures his play as per the requirements at the moment.

Everyone has their own opinion but I wonโ€™t call it selfish, I play according to the requirements of the team. Sometimes you have to play aggressively and sometimes you have to change your game according to the teamโ€™s capability,

As a player, I have to bat along with others and play all over. I donโ€™t bother that much what people are saying.

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