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An immense success for PCB to host consecutive cricketing events

The COVID times have depressed the sports synopses across the globe. Cricket, being majorly played in most countries with a huge fan base, is still suffering. Whereas Pakistan, being one of the cricket-loving nations, is negotiating robust challenges to Coronavirus.

Despite having coronavirus, Pakistan has come face to face on the ground organizing back-to-back cricketing events in their own stadiums despite the rising COVID cases.

We saw that even India’s cash-rich league, IPL, was migrated to the UAE amidst COVID fears. Still, Pakistan has extensively stabbed on its own organizing PSL and 11 other domestic cricket events.

Cricket, which runs in the nerves of Pakistanis, cannot be suppressed, at least here. The major credits go to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and health management to control and manage things as per the situation.

Notably, 235 matches have been organized in the country with a full-fledged and show continues. However, the crowd missed out, but the PSL 2021 will fulfill the most demanded thing as 20% of the crowd will be witnessing the live matches from the stadiums.

It is worthy of mentioning that security had been a major issue after Sri Lanka Bus Attack. But the PCB and the armed forces have played their parts to bring cricket back to Pakistan, assuring foreigners’ security and promoting the message of peace across the globe.

Wasim Khan, the CEO of PCB, is joyful about organizing back-to-back events and looks forward to hosting even more in the future. After winding up the PSL 2020 entirely in Pakistan, PSL 2021 is staged as KK vs QG will be locking the horns on 20th February at the National Stadium, Karachi.

The majority credits Wasim, Sami Burney, and Nadeem Khan for promoting domestic cricket in Pakistan. Being a major part of NHPC, Nadeem, the brother of Moin Khan, is working exclusively to enhance domestic cricket.

Watch an excerpt from a few of the events organized in the cricketing-loving nation.

An immense success for Pakistan to host consecutive cricketing events

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Pakistan Cup 2020-21
Image: PCB
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Quaid e Azam trophy 2020-21
Image: PCB
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PSL 2020

The CEO of the PCB, Wasim Khan, said that,

“We are in the sixth year of HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) and it’s a matter of great pride for all of us that this edition will be safer and spectacular than ever before,. We are thankful to the National Command and Operation Centre for allowing us to have 20 per cent fans during the matches. The presence of fans will lift the players and create a good atmosphere, something which embodies live sport.”

“Fittingly, the HBL PSL 6 will be the culmination of a highly successful 2020-21 season. We are the only country that has successfully delivered over 235 matches to date in the season despite the challenges of Covid19. This shows our will to fulfill our obligations and commitments. Hopefully, when the final ball will be bowled in the HBL PSL 6 on March 22, we would have delivered 275 matches from 16 events, which would be a monumental achievement,”

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