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Is Mohammad Amir trying to blackmail PCB? Reveals Danish Kaneria

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Is Mohammad Amir trying to blackmail PCB? Reveals Danish Kaneria
Is Mohammad Amir trying to blackmail PCB? Reveals Danish Kaneria

Mohammad Amir has been in news for the past some months due to his controversial but revealing statements about the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Justifying the selection criteria of the PCB and the ruthlessness in dealing with the players, Amir denied playing under the current management saying that he is ‘mentally tortured. He believes that he is kept out of the team despite his performances.

His recent statements denounce his plans to own the British Passport for getting cricketing opportunities from foreign countries. Amir uttered his bread and butter is cricket hence, it cannot be left. The Pakistani pace bowler might participate in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and would not be the first cricketer from Pakistan to do so.

In the scenario, the Pakistani cricketer named Danish Kaneria, who believes PCB is a racist forum and does not let him play as he is a non-muslim, says that Amir is blackmailing the board so he can be called back in the team. Kaneria understands that it is a plot hatched by Amir as he talks about playing IPL so the PCB would be flustered and forced to take him back.

Is Mohammad Amir trying to blackmail PCB? Reveals Danish Kaneria

“I am taking nothing away from Mohammad Amir. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I feel he is trying to blackmail others with his statements so that he can make a return to the side. From his comments on moving to England and getting citizenship and playing the IPL, you can understand his headspace,”

Advising Amir, Kaneria added that he should be thankful towards the board as it selected him despite his tainted past.

“Mohammad Amir should realize that Pakistan were really kind to bring him back after his spot-fixing scandal. But his performance over the last 1.5 years has been absolutely zero. Agreed he bowled really well in the ICC Champions Trophy, but since then he has been on a steep decline,”

Kaneria, on his YouTube channel, bashed Amir saying that despite the poor performance, he chose to slam the board for not being selected and later denied playing under the current management. Is it Amir who selects the management or is it management who selects Amir? Danish Kaneria further elaborated that many people are forced to speak in favor of Amir but they do not utter the words by their heart.

“When you (Amir) were excluded from the team after a decline, you then proceeded to claim that I will not play with this management. Despite them being the ones who backed Mohammad Amir. When I talk about people like Misbah-ul-Haq, Mohammad Hafeez, the board pressured them to support Mohammad Amir and bring him back to the team. Even some commentators did not want to support Amir, but they had to because the commentary was their bread and butter,”

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