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THE 6IXTY: All you need to know about cricket’s new format

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THE 6IXTY: All you need to know about cricket’s new format

A new 60-ball cricket format, which incorporates the opportunity for fans to vote in favor of a batter to have a ‘free hit’ where they can’t be dismissed, will launch in the Caribbean in August.

The 6ixty is being organised by Cricket West Indies and the Caribbean Premier League. Men’s and Women’s teams are to contend.

The competition will introduce new guidelines determined to make the game faster, including:

  • Each Each batting team has six wickets – at the fall of the sixth wicket they are all out.
  • Each batting team has two powerplay overs. They can unlock a third powerplay by hitting two sixes in the first 12 balls. This extra powerplay over can be taken at any time between overs 3-9.
  • There will be 30 balls bowled from one end before the action switches to the other end for the final 30 balls.
  • The 30 balls will be delivered as five separate overs, with no bowler being able to bowl more than two overs for the innings.
  • If teams do not bowl their overs within the allotted time a member of their team is removed from the field for the final six balls.
  • Fans will vote for the timing of a ‘mystery free hit’ where a batter can’t be dismissed by the bowler.

Organisers have expressed a portion of the world’s best cricketers will be involved, however have not said who.

CPL CEO Pete Russell said: “This is an enormously interesting moment for both CPL and Cricket West Indies as we make a competition that will see cricket fans carried nearer to the game.

“There will be world class men’s and women’s cricketers participating in a phenomenal event for the Caribbean, and this combined with cutting edge innovations, flags an extraordinary moment for all enthusiasts fans of West Indian cricket.”

Cricket is attempting to find new crowds and one manner by which the game is expecting to do through new formats is as well. The Hundred, a 100-ball competition, was presented in England and Wales in 2021 in a bid to open the game to new fans.

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