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A quick flashback to Pakistan Cup 2021

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A quick flashback to Pakistan Cup 2021
A quick flashback to Pakistan Cup 2021

Pakistan Cup 2021 winded up with a bombastic game between the runner-ups Central Punjab (CEP) and Khalid Usman-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. KPK stunned the ground and declared the final’s cup to their name.

Their journey has remained outstanding throughout the tournament. Other than KPK, a pile of performances have been witnessed – amazing five-wicket hauls, slamming boundaries, highest scores, lowest totals touching the mediocre news, hat tricks, and much more.

A quick flashback to Pakistan Cup 2021

Total Matches:

33: The 30-run tournament proceeded with the playoffs and final. The six domestic franchises first face each other in ten rounds – three games in a day with top-four making it to the playoffs, making a total of thirty-three matches, including the final.

Total Runs scored:

In the 33 matches, a total of 17 783 runs have been scored by the players of the six teams.

Total Wickets Taken:

498 wickets have been taken throughout the Pakistan Cup 2021.

Highest Total:

382/8 by Northern vs. Central Punjab: Northern stayed dominant with their deliverance. However, they could not make it to the last stage. But they slammed the highest total as they proceeded with 382 runs losing eight wickets.

Lowest Total:

112/10 by Northern vs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: The up and down of Northern were part of the tournament. As they made the highest total, the lowest total of the season also has evolved from them.

Total Fours:

The players from the six teams have contributed to 1538 flat boundaries.

Total Sixes:

However, the players could cross the boundaries 460 times with the ball flying in the air.

Total Half-centuries:

The domestic talent has stayed mesmerizing with 96 fifty-plus scorings.

Total Centuries:

Notably, 29 hundred have come up from 33 matches.

Five-wicket hauls:

In the short tournament, the bowlers have not disappointed. The local talented guys have come up with a five-wicket haul five times.

four-wicket hauls:

Fifteen four-wicket hauls make the tournament more special that conclude the top-notched skills.


1 (Asif Afridi): So far, only a single hat-trick was noted that came up for KPK’s Asif.

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Image: PCB

Most Runs:

Tayyab Tahir, a batting sensation, has stayed top-scorer of the Pakistan Cup 2021 with 666 runs.

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Image: PCB

Most Wickets:

Asif Afridi (25), Besides a hat-trick, has conceded most wickets in the season. Gaining 25 batsman’s wickets, he is the top wicket-taker.

Most Dismissals:

Azam Khan (13)

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Image: PCB

Player of the tournament:

Hammad Azam (443 runs & 13 wickets), this award was denoted for Hammad Azam, who utilized his all-rounding performances.

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Image: PCB

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